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RobotWars 【シューティング】

RobotWars:PCシューティングWe are currently developing a first person shooter game that involves mechanical robots and laser beams, called 'Robot Wars'. We currently allow 4 people to play at once in a deathmatch style arena, with the ability to use 3 unique types of laser weaponry as well as other secondary abilities. The game also incorporates a unique recoil mechanic which can hinder players or, with proper use and manag......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-01-05

SpaceJourney 【シューティング】

SpaceJourney:PCシューティングou fly through space, exploring the unknown.

Being that you're the sole commander of your ship, you command it manually from the inside. And not only can you walk inside your small ship, but you can also walk outside of it, with anti-gravity.

Through your travels you'll run into hazards (like meteors and spiders) which you will shoot with a gun in the style of a first person shooter and en......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-01-05

The Sealed City: Episode 1 【シューティング】

The Sealed City: Episode 1:PCシューティングAbout The Sealed City
This is the first episode of my (short) game project which has been designed as three episodes. It is a FPS game involving Adventure and Survival Horror units. Seal City’s concept is puzzle, mystery and survival.

An intelligent agent, who is on duty in Libya, goes to deep down in desert with an sudden order. It’s been a while since heard from the group who ar......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-01-05

Galactic Elite 【シューティング】

Galactic Elite:PCシューティングIn the year 2015 an extraterrestrial force came to earth, to dominate the planet.
The superior technology from aliens bowed the human race.
Soon after a resistance group was formed, that secretly began to devise plans for the human race liberation.
For over a century this group grew and went unnoticed by the alien agents. In the course of time the resistance managed to take alien technology,......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-12-08

Time Chopper 【シューティング】

Time Chopper:PCシューティングSome time ago, though, I started noticing a growing scarcity in that genre and my waning interest in it. I think that was when the Barrage Shooting games became popular.

Although it's fun to dodge volleys of bullets and pretend to be a Newtype from Gundam, I believe the true attraction of Shooting games is the "shoot and destroy" aspect. That has been the main inspiration for my game Time Chop......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-11-07

Escape: Sierra Leone 【シューティング】

Escape: Sierra Leone:PCシューティングEscape: Sierra Leone is an exploration and survival game created with the Cryengine 3. The game is focused around complete freedom and on interacting with a vibrant and alive world. It takes place on an island chain based loosely off the real life Banana Island chain, off the coast of Sierra Leone. With approximately 21 square kilometers of terrain to explore, fight, survive and escape from. You s......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-10-27

Dimension Drive 【シューティング】

Dimension Drive:PCシューティングMillennia ago, the Ashajuls conquered their universe thanks to warp drives that allowed them to travel instantly. The universe is composed of infinite dimensions and now the Ashajuls want to conquer them all with a fleet equipped with dimension drives. The Fliegende is a legendary ship capable of performing warp and dimension jumps while being small enough for a single pilot. You are Jackeline Tyw......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-10-27

Cyberpunk 3776 【シューティング】

Cyberpunk 3776:PCシューティングCyberpunk 3776 is a classic Arcade Sidescrolling Shooter. A psychedelic lunatic Cyberpunk Novel taking place at the post apocalyptic earth while fighting a lost battle against an Alien Invasion. A very dark, hopeless hypnotic nightmare. It paint's a picture of a lost world where our presence lead to a hopeless future. The Earth is lost, Society had messed it all up and the Invaders are just the la......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-08-20

Vapour: Borders of Purgatory 【シューティング】

Vapour: Borders of Purgatory:PCシューティングVapour: Borders of Purgatory is an experimental horror, that fuses horror (both old school and modern) with the frantic game play of 90's First Person Shooter titles. Blending Horror, Shooter, Action, Puzzle and Platformer in a dynamic yet cohesive combination. In Vapour: Borders of Purgatory you play as a psychotic Warlock trapped in Purgatory after being executed for multiple mass murders. Now t......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-06-24

Expert Rifleman 【シューティング】

Expert Rifleman:PCシューティングExpert Rifleman is a shooting simulator which simulates realistic shooting against stationary and moving targets. The simulation accounts for and allows the user to compensate for the forces which affect the path of the bullet. The only thing which Expert Rifleman cannot do is teach you how to pull the trigger. The goal of Expert Rifleman is to let you gain proficiency at shooting without expendin......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2014-06-03

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