Fully immerse yourself in intense arcade races on tubular, twisting tracks versus 32 opponents! Supports Oculus Rift on PC, Mac & Linux

Climb into the cockpit and tear up the track as you do battle with over 30 real and AI opponents. Fully immerse yourself in intense races on tubular tracks featuring gut-wrenching twists, turns and drops. All in glorious 1080p running at 60fps (minimum!)

カテゴリ: 3D アクション レース | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

Spit Ballar

What happens when a convict decides to escape from prison only to find out that he has escaped during an zombie apocalypse. Trying to change he decides that he will not use firearms so he loads up on spit balls and gets to work. The game is a third person shooter with a lot comic relief. All the spit balls can and must be upgraded as you progress. Progression will involve cleaning the city of all ......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

Cyberpunk 3776

Cyberpunk 3776 is a classic Arcade Sidescrolling Shooter. A psychedelic lunatic Cyberpunk Novel taking place at the post apocalyptic earth while fighting a lost battle against an Alien Invasion. A very dark, hopeless hypnotic nightmare. It paint's a picture of a lost world where our presence lead to a hopeless future. The Earth is lost, Society had messed it all up and the Invaders are just the la......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション シューティング | ゲーム体験版 2014-08


Flap jack is a procedural ocean game that combines linear progression mechanics of eating and getting bigger and stronger, with the Metroid like thrill of getting rare new body parts and special abilities! There haven't been many underwater fish games, especially in recent memory, we want to change that. We sorta think fish could be the ultimate game experience and they just make sense for a video......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

Splee & Glob: Monster Defense

In a strange world inhabitated by the weirdest creatures imaginable, peace could only last as long until somebody had the brilliant idea to create a crazed robot army. It's now up to the nerdy engineer Splee and her bulky pal Gløb to stop the invaders.

In Splee & Gløb: Monster Defense, up to two players take control of the unlikely couple to fend off the invaders through clever tower-building ......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08


You are an interplanetary mining contractor on a mission to discover natural resources on alien planets and send them back to earth.

Terratech is the ultimate physics-based vehicle construction & combat game.

Please support us on Kickstarter!

Explore new exo-planets and harvest whatever you can find. You’ll have to seek out and refine the planet’s natural assets to build up your base a......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

21 Bytes

21 Bytes is a 3rd person action, adventure game.

The game takes place in an open world in which you control an ephemeral character.

His life will decrease with time. To survive, you will have to fight the creatures you will encounter in your environment.

21 Bytes...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D | ゲーム体験版 2014-08


This is a Real-Time-Strategy game on plot of Indian great epic Ramayana. The story in the game starts from Rama & Lakshmana's search of Sita.
The game contains 20 campaign based on the story of the epic. First 2 campaigns are mostly tutorial.

The game supports skirmish with 2 factions: Vaanara and Rakshasa; maximum of 8 teams.

Each factions have worker units who can gather resources: f......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08


A myst-like fan-game based on the story of Myst. The game takes place in the world of Myst in a parallel story of Atrus and his family. The engine of the game is UDK (Unreal Engine 3). It will be a single-player game, faithful to the Myst serie games.

カテゴリ: 3D アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

Kill The Bad Guy

Join a secret and mysterious society whose members have sworn to get rid of war criminals, former mafia members, and other criminals, going incognito among us. Hiding behind the appearance of a simple ‘man in the street’, the Bad Guys feel untouchable. They don’t expect you to track them and make evil plans. “KTBG: Kill The Bad Guy” will stress and test your mental skills through a puzzle game whe......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アドベンチャー パズル | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

The Road North

The Road North is a surreal journey of violence in medieval Europe. Two wanderers make their way home after a bloody battle only to find there is nothing left to return to.

The Road North...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-08

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