Spark Rising

Spark Rising is a sandbox action strategy game. Our custom built voxel engine allows you to build sky fortresses rigged with awesome firepower so you can fight back against an invasion. Jump into the thick of war, as you fight in your exo-suit, battle with buddies in co-op, and explore (and while you're at it... conquer!) the galaxy. Create, modify and share fortresses, vehicles, and characters in......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games hav......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 2D 3D アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12


Blobsos is a story about Blobs, who are on a mission to get their ladies back. Bubble away and save the day! To complete a level, capture enemies into bubbles and then burst those bubbles by tocuhing them.

Key features:
- 50+ levels
- 5 different worlds to conquer
- Simple game mechanics, fun for everyone
- Two player cooperative gameplay
- - Singleplayer campaing is playble also in ......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12


ChaosTower is now available on Greenlight.
It would be nice if you support me and vote for my game on Greenlight (Steam):


Chaostower is a physics-based action puzzler.

Built a tower from a whole bunch of different parts and prove it against several natural forces like earthquakes, wind and meteors.
Defend your tower against artificial enemies, like robots, tanks, bomb-bir......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション シミュレーション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Spider Plant

The year is 2318, and a third world war has brought great destruction. Mankind was forced to descend into caves to escape the lingering radiation. Huge machines - robots designed by scientists, were sent to different planets to collect resources and search for a new home. But even on other planets competition between Earth’s nations continued to increase. Robots are growing in number, and their ar......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

The World Needs Heroes

The World Needs Heroes is a 3D RTS/RPG/turn-based tactics mix being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. Player takes charge a secret international organization that employs superheroes, martial artists and scientific geniuses to fight crime, defend the Earth against alien invasions, stop wars, prevent political assassinations and generally save humanity from self-destruction.

The World Needs Heroe......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Zed Defense

Zed Defence is our take on a 2D side-scrolling tower-defence game. Hold back waves of undead until the city's water supply is cleaned.

The objective of the game is to beat an entire wave of Zombies (Zeds for short) by placing weapons and traps, preventing them from breaking through your defences. The Zeds will spawn from various entrances, depending on the difficulty of the level.

The exa......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley is a survival horror indie game. We are tired of seeing action games marketed as survival horror, so we decided to make our own, true to the genre game.

You play as Tom, a newly recruited security guard at a remote, closed down facility. There are only two people there, him and another security guard, sharing the shifts between night and day. Soon, our main character starts expl......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Accidental Runner

Accidental Runner is an Arcade Action game set in the desert in which you play as a businessman that gets cursed to run forever and punished to do it without forward movement after planning to build a casino in the pyramids. Prepare yourself for a really challenging experience in which you will have to survive all sort of hazards, including flying carpets, heavy cars, V-Tols and hordes of goblins.......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Arcane Worlds

A game inspired by Magic Carpet, with modern graphics and features, to name some: simulated water and lava, swarms of creatures, generated worlds. You play as a sorcerer, exploring mysterious worlds, changing them, discovering ancient secrets, creating new spells, fighting creatures and other mages, building and destroying as you please.

Arcane Worlds:公式サイト...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

The Last Dogma

The Last Dogma is a satirical, story-driven first person adventure game with shooter and action elements.

Set in an alternate reality where US actively campaigns for world domination, you play as Sebastian Arise, an ATF special agent tasked with the tracking and eradication of local firearms dealers.

A straightforward mission turns sour, thrusting you into the world of cannibalistic Christ......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12


Elysis is a top-down action-RPG which aims to provide a gratifying sense of combat and exploration.
To achieve this, the addon system was conceived as a way to allow players to modify their weapons to be able to fight a wide variety of enemies. These addons will give weapons special properties and will be scattered throughout the world waiting to be found.

カテゴリ: アクション アドベンチャー RPG | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Galactic Elite

In the year 2015 an extraterrestrial force came to earth, to dominate the planet.
The superior technology from aliens bowed the human race.
Soon after a resistance group was formed, that secretly began to devise plans for the human race liberation.
For over a century this group grew and went unnoticed by the alien agents. In the course of time the resistance managed to take alien technology,......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション シューティング | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Just another bughunt

Play as one of four mercenaries as they attempt to gather resources on an alien bug planet while trying to survive!
Use guns, structures, unique abilities, A.I. familiars and artifacts to destroy the bugs while you work towards getting you and your team back into space and home.

4 characters to choose from. Each with a unique ability and speciality.
6 environments randomly generated terra......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

Mibicat: Tails of Swing

"Mibicat: Tails of Swing" is a physics-based puzzle/platform game, with an emphasis on physics. You play as a ball-shaped cat named Mibicat, who uses its tail to fling itself through the world while dodging spikes, pits, saw blades, and more. Your goal is to throw Mibicat into the bullseye at the end of each level (Mibicat loves bullseyes).

Mibicat: Tails of Swing...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: アクション パズル | ゲーム体験版 2014-12


It`s a ruthless war for resources in small sector of galaxy between two factions! They both use fully automated ships without humans onboard. Each faction has unique gameplay style and special abilities. Conquer new systems as much as possible to gain the fluence points, build and research, manage you bases, destroy your enemy and win! No time - enemy not sleeps and do the same. Make your own winn......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

World of Thieves

World of Thieves is a 3D adventure/stealth game between Zelda and Beyond Good and Evil.

In an ocean-covered world, you play a young thief studying at the Thief Guild. You'll learn basic moves and will be send to various missions to retrieve items in different places from pirate islands to wealthy villas or even the governor's palace. By completing these missions, you'll earn enough to unlock a......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2014-12

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