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East Side Story 【パズル】

East Side Story:PCパズルEast Side Story is the fourth game in the popular Carol Reed adventure series, it finds Carol immersed in the mysterious death of a vagrant in a friend's apartment. Comparable to the highly popular Nancy Drew series of games, it involve simple point-and-click gameplay combined with thought-provoking puzzles.

East Side Story:公式サイトへ...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-06-26

Murder She Wrote 【パズル】

Murder She Wrote:PCパズルBased on the beloved TV show, join Jessica Fletcher to solve 5 murder mysteries in sleepy (but lethal) Cabot Cove. The police of the town are always willing to arrest the most likely suspect, but as fans know, the culprit is never who you think it is. Each case is enriched with twists and turns that create a fun and surprising gameplay experience.

Murder She Wrote:公式サイトへ

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更新日: 2012-06-06

Angry Birds Space 【パズル】

Angry Birds Space:PCパズルAngry Birds Space will launch simultaneously on iOS and Android, Mac and PC, animation, merchandise, and book publishing on March 22. The game hits the appstores with 60 puzzling levels, new Angry Birds characters, new superpowers, and new gameplay. More levels will be available both as free regular updates, as well as in-app purchases.

New characters and gameplay
By taking the game galactic......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-05-16

Weather Lord 【パズル】

Weather Lord:PCパズルThere's a 100% chance of FUN when you play Weather Lord, a unique time management game that puts the forces of nature at your fingertips and then challenges you to complete tasks on 40 thrilling levels! If you stay ahead of the clock, the gold cup will be yours! Give Mother Nature a well-deserved rest - play Weather Lord today!

• Master 40 windswept levels of time-management fun across 8 rain-......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-05-16

MacGuffin's Curse 【パズル】

MacGuffin's Curse:PCパズルWhen fugitive magician Lucas MacGuffin bungles a museum robbery, he finds himself bound to an ancient amulet, trapped in a city in high-tech lockdown, and suddenly fighting the urge to scratch himself.

As a human, Lucas is agile and cunning. As a gigantic wolf, he’d rather smash anything in his way. Only by transforming between the two forms, cleverly utilising both sets of skills, will he sta......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-04-27

Loc 【パズル】

Loc:PCパズルLoc is a 3D puzzle game in which you have been taken prisoner by the last vengeful Queen of the Faeries who wishes to keep you in her now empty kingdom as a penalty for the harm caused by man on nature's balance. You must escape by solving “Loc” puzzles that lie between you and freedom.

更新日: 2012-04-27

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands 【パズル】

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands:PCパズルMagic Farm 2 - is new adventures of Iris and Robin. You will have to take a lot of efforts to win the Magical Tournament. New and old friends, new improvements of the land, unique skills of Iris and Robin. Except growing and gathering flowers, you also must look for objects and fulfil unusual quests.

Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands:公式サイト...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-04-27

Planet Buster 【パズル】

Planet Buster:PCパズルEmbark on a swashbucklin' puzzle adventure, strategically arrange planets to trigger chain-reactions and loot plenty of gold in this addictive and challenging puzzle-game for PC, Mac, iOS & Android!

"Planet Buster" is a puzzle game set in the universe of "Pirates of New Horizons" - a world of pirates and science-fiction created by indie start-up Exit Strategy Entertainment. The main character i......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-04-24

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen 【パズル】

The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen:PCパズルThe once prosperous and happy kingdom has succumbed to darkness and despair. The Heart of the Kingdom – the magic crystal that used to be the only source of light and hope - has been destroyed by the villain. The disheartened and impoverished King decides to marry his daughter to a stranger in exchange for a chest of gold. Sensing the stranger’s evil, the Princess writes to Munchausen who must now......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-04-09

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 【パズル】

The Treasures of Montezuma 3:PCパズルMatch tokens to unlock incredible riches in The Treasures of Montezuma 3! The Treasures of Montezuma 3 features two addictive game modes: Casual and Timed. Casual mode allows you to match tokens at your leisure, while the Timed mode offers an intense, fast-paced match-three challenge. Whichever mode you choose, you'll enjoy spectacular visual effects and explosive audio as you invent unique strate......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-04-09

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