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X Motor Racing 【レース】

X Motor Racing:PCレース[Atomicgamer]:ダウンロードページへ


更新日: 2010-04-23

netKar PRO 【レース】

netKar PRO:PCレース[Atomicgamer]:ダウンロードページへ
Here's the free, unlockable trial of netKar PRO, a PC-based racing car simulator with realistic physics.

This version introduces a new auto-update feature and the new track editor, that will allow to convert 3dsmax tracks in the nko format.

This is the latest demo of netKar PRO, and includes a new auto-update fe......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2010-04-10

Snail Racers 【レース】

Snail Racers:PCレースAttention snails! Come to participate on the biggest race on the planet! 12 different circuits to find out who is the fastest snail in the world!

Even if you're not the fastest, you can still be the winner! Several itens are spreaded on the tracks and can help (or prevent) your conquest!

With itens like missiles and even flying saucers, this race is so hallucinating that you'll want to hide ......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2010-03-01

X Motor Racing 【レース】

X Motor Racing:PCレース[Atomicgamer]:ダウンロードページへ



更新日: 2010-03-01

Starters Orders 4 【レース】

Starters Orders 4:PCレースStarters Orders 4 is an accurate and in-depth horse racing strategy game.

# Free unlimited play demo game.Play a weeks racing in the UK, IRE, US and Australia!
# Train, own, breed, bet, ride and race with the most realistic horse racing game available.
# Vast horse racing game world with thousands of horses and realistic race commentary.
# Fields of up to 30 runners with the most realistic r......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2010-01-07

Need for Speed: SHIFT 【レース】

Need for Speed: SHIFT:PCレース[Atomicgamer]:ダウンロードページへ
Need for Speed SHIFT delivers the true driver's experience with a stunning cockpit view, deep career mode and amazing car roster.

The demo includes a new ride, the Falken Porsche GT3 RSR.

This is the updated demo for Need for Speed SHIFT sponsored by Falken Tires and featuring the Falken Tire Porsche GT3 RSR, a......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2009-12-21

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 【レース】

Colin McRae: DiRT 2:PCレース[4gamer]:ダウンロードページへ
コンシューマ機版はすでに発売されているが,DirectX 11に対応するためわざわざ発売時期を遅らせたというPC用「Colin McRae: DiRT 2」のデモ版を,4GamerにUpした。カリフォルニアとモロッコで,ドリフトやジャンプといったテクニックを駆使したオフロードレースが楽しめるデモ版だ。

Here's the playable demo of the DirectX 11-powered Games for Windows LIVE edition of DiRT 2 (aka Colin McRae: DiRT 2).

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will feature a roster of ......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2009-12-04

StuntMANIA 【レース】

StuntMANIA:PCレースVersion 4.0
o Brand new interface and navigation
o Local scores ladder for each game mode
o Option to save scores on global ladder
o Your scores are highlighted in blue on global ladder so they are easier to find
o Your best score/time and best rank is shown to you per game mode on global ladder
o Notification of best score/time to beat it shown to you at the start of each game
o Twitter su......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2009-11-20

Crash Time III 【レース】

Crash Time III:PCレース[atomicgamer]:ダウンロードページへ
Faced with a network of terrorists, you have no more than 8 days to prevent the assassination of a head of government. Crash Time III is the episode that brings the series to a whole new level.

ドイツの人気テレビシリーズをベースにしたレースゲーム,「Crash Time III」のデモ版を4GamerにUpした。カーアクションがウリの番組が元になっているだけに,走行中に射撃ができたり,爆弾搭載のリモコンカーで敵の車を破壊したりと,お手軽操作で派手なアクションが楽しめるデモ版だ。

更新日: 2009-11-06

Death Rally 【レース】

Death Rally:PCレース[fileshack]
The full version of Remedy's classic 1996 top-down combat racer is now available entirely free of charge.

更新日: 2009-11-06

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