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BFF or Die 【アクション】

BFF or Die:PCアクションYou have two choices. Help each other. Or die. This is BFF or Die, co-op stealth-puzzle-action in a maze!

Multiplayer games are the best. In BFF or Die you will use different abilities to combine your team skills and beat the procedural mazes together.

Feel a sense of camaraderie and think on your feet to figure out how to get past each puzzle as a team.

1-4 players.
Xbox 360 c......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-03-11

Black Killer 【アクション】

Black Killer:PCアクションBlack Killer is a first person shooter game running on the Unity 3d Engine , This is a single player experience , buildings and assets recreated from scratch . Features to be seen are parkour, destructible environments, in- game weapon attachment customizations, vehicles, large maps, character customizations.

Black Killer...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-03-11

MLG Game of the Year Reloaded 【アクション】

MLG Game of the Year Reloaded:PCアクションIn this game you have to fight aganisht the terrible terrible iluminati (you are a golden MLG robot aquiped with the best doritos and mountain dew)

MLG Game of the Year Reloaded...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-03-11

Cloud of Souls 【アクション】

Cloud of Souls:PCアクションThis is a little work in progress demo of the game. Its only a proof of concept of the main features, it does not represent the future full game. Some assets are either unfinished or missing.

It may also be pretty buggy, sorry for that.Tell me and maybe I'll fix it.

You play one of the numerous souls trapped inside a human body. Go on a quest to get your freedom back!

Cloud of Souls:公式サ......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-03-11

The Chosen (2015) 【アクション】

The Chosen (2015):PCアクションEach of us walks the path defined by our decisions.

Captain William Price, 2693

Explore the vast Universe at your own pace. Discover new civilizations and solve the mysteries of long forgotten places. Forge alliances and wage battles for the precious resources found amongst the stars.
Capture enemy ships, if you can. Use them to grow your fleet and become the dominant force in the galaxy.......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-27

Beyond: Flesh and Blood 【アクション】

Beyond: Flesh and Blood:PCアクションEARTH 2281

Society now live in The Tree of Life, an anchored orbital station on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere governed by the U.G.R (United Global Remnant). A scattering of rogue scavengers still remain on the ground, surviving off the old world as hostiles.

The divide between the orbital population and scavengers is pushed to breaking point when ......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-27

Crazy Steam Bros 2 【アクション】

Crazy Steam Bros 2:PCアクションCrazy Steam Bros is a classical horizontal shoot'em up inspired by the gameplay of old arcades. Anton and Dupont are brothers, inventors, and a little mad also! With the help of their landlady, Miss Lily, they must defeat the evil Baron and their hordes of moustached soldiers. Fly the "SteaMobile" trough five levels of steampunk action. Traverse cities, jungles, caves and more. Collect Power-Ups f......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-27

Curse of Mermos 【アクション】

Curse of Mermos:PCアクションCurse of Mermos is a fast paced hack n slash game.

It features Abdu, the protagonist of the game who is equipped with ranged and melee weapons. The player can upgrade his stats in the duration of the game to suit his play style. He can also unlock special attacks making him stronger by the end of the game.Curse of Mermos features many different kinds of enemies with unique behaviors and combat......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-20

First Pixel Shooter II 【アクション】

First Pixel Shooter II:PCアクションThe third game of the trilogy, First Pixel Shooter 3 tells the untold story of a group of soldiers caught in the war. FPS3 mixes the best of the old and the new, with an emphasis on returning to its roots and team oriented tactical combat.

First Pixel Shooter II...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-20

Kooler World 【アクション】

Kooler World:PCアクションA ball game made in Unity3D. Reminiscent of old games such as Kula World and Marble Blast Ultra. Roll a ball/marble around, and collect pickups. Once you're done, move onto the next world. Puzzles and obstacle based gameplay.

Kooler World...詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2015-02-20

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