Atom Zombie Smasher

The only thing standing between peace and the zombie apocalypse is 90 million tons of Honest John baby nukes, 300 million tons of Vulcan-65 airstrike missiles, and a generous amount of napalm. Use them wisely.

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カテゴリ: ストラテジー リアルタイム | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Crash Time IV: The Syndicate

For the first time in the fast-paced car action series Crash Time, a multiplayer mode has been added to the game. Crash Time 4 allows up to eight players to play challenges online.

In single player mode, which has also been completely re-designed, players are chasing down a criminal syndicate, whose members are trying to stop the police and gain control over the scenic city of Cologne. Based on......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション レース ドライビング | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Evochron Mercenary

Trading commodities while sneaking past hostile forces, racing the best pilots in the area, mining for diamonds, negotiating for survival, spying for a curious energy company, cleaning dirty solar arrays, transporting an impatient passenger... and that's just on a Monday. The life of an independent mercenary is rarely without excitement. At times, you may choose to work under contract, while at ot......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D シミュレーション スペース | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

The Awesome Astronauts vs Dinosaurs

The Awesome Astronauts vs Dinosaurs is a project by students of the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) in the Netherlands. The game is made with the Unreal Development Kit, 3DS Max and zBrush and took 27 members 8 weeks to build. The release is a demo version of what could be a complete game.




カテゴリ: 3D ファンタジー SF | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

When Nico Collard is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon, she finds herself inextricably drawn into a terrifying conspiracy! Dissect the clues and help Nico and George Stobbart discover the secret truths of the Knights Templar. Decipher the ancient manuscript, and race against a mysterious organization in Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, an exciting Adventure game.

Broken Sword: ......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: パズル アドベンチャー | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Jack of All Tribes

Divogames, the developer of "Be Rich!" games, invites you to the primeval world to unveil its secrets! The story begins when Jack comes to an amusement park to ride a new attraction called “Tunnel of Destiny”. When he enters the tunnel in a railcar, everything goes wrong! The railcar stops in the darkness. Jack runs out of patience and begins to press all buttons and levers, trying to move it. Sud......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: ストラテジー | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Miner Wars 2081

Miner Wars is a 6DOF interior and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment featuring single player, co-op, and standard multi-player modes, with an MMOG in the planning stages.

As a player, you operate an advanced mining ship in an open world asteroid belt area. Dig kilometers of tunnels, harvest the ore, travel the solar system, fight your enemies and uncover mysteries.

カテゴリ: 3D アクション シューティング シミュレーション スペース | ゲーム体験版 2011-01


Maneuver a sphere through 10 worlds filled with unique challenges and new surprises. NightSky is a two dimensional physics platform game for Windows produced by Nicalis.

NightSky [Official Site]...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: パズル アクション | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Alien Hallway

Here, in Sigma's adrenaline-fueled game, players measure stamina with a never-ending stream of green creatures within the borders of a special military mission. The rules are severe and the fate of Humanity is put on the line.
Control an entire army in a tough single-player campaign mode with a simple click of the mouse. With an easy approachable interface, players can go through three-dimensiona......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D アクション ストラテジー シューティング | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

LowRider Extreme!

See for yourself who'll be the next king of the neighbourhood. Enter the world of night racing and lowrider competitions.

Buy your ride and keep it in a good condition to compete with other pretenders. Tune it up in your garage to achieve the best performance, change engine parts, switch gearboxes and other stuff to make your wheels spin as fast as possible.

If you're a good tuner, you'll so......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D レース スポーツ レーシング | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Bus Simulator Deluxe

Reckless driving and unpunctuality will result in a bad reputation in this bus driving simulator. The more successful you are as a bus driver the longer and more complex the tracks become. Choose from 14 different bus models, including City buses, Long-distance buses and Double Deckers or download further bus models via the internet.

To rent larger models you need the extra cash and only paying......詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: 3D シミュレーション ドライビング アクション | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

Greyhound Manager 2

Own, train, breed and race your own greyhounds in the most realistic greyhound management game available!

Greyhound Manager 2 : [Official Site]へ...詳細は、こちら
カテゴリ: スポーツ シミュレーション レース 動物 | ゲーム体験版 2011-01

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