Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

3D アクション RPG
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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel ダウンロード

The demo features:
-The mighty Seraphim, one of the six playable and powerful characters featured in the full game.

-Explore the expansive and beautiful High Elf region, one of twelve regions that will be available in the full game and comprise the more than 22 square miles of Ancaria’s lush environment.

-Play through several quests in the Light campaign and encounter amazing mythical beasts, while the full game features parallel Light and Shadow campaigns encompassing hundreds of hours of gameplay and over 500 quests.

-Level up the Seraphim and customize her combat arts to unleash furious attacks on her enemies (the demo will allow leveling to 10, while the full game allows characters to over level 200).

Set 2000 years before the original, SACRED 2 features a vast 3D world marked by high quality graphics and attention to detail. Action RPG fans can also look forward to a number of sophisticated new features, as well as many of the popular SACRED game mechanics that return more refined and considerably improved.

T Energy has been flowing through Ancaria since time itself. This mysterious power forms the beginning of all life, is the source of all magic and the origin of all thought. For an era, it was the angelic Seraphim who watched over the T Energy and therefore over the fate of the entire world.

cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment have released a single-player PC demo for the upcoming action-RPG - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment have released a new playable demo for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, this time giving you the chance to try out the English version of this action RPG due to hit the store shelves on October 2, 2008.

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ゲーム名: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel




ゲームタイトル: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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