Black and White 2

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Black and White 2 ダウンロード

Black and White 2 Demo (617 MB):ダウンロードページへ[3dgamer]

Black and White 2 Demo (617 MB):ダウンロードページへ[gamershell]

Black and White 2 Demo (617 MB):ダウンロードページへ[worthplaying]

Black and White 2 Demo (617 MB):ダウンロード&記事ページへ[4gamer]


(Important Note: All controls can be changed in-game through the 'Options'->'Input' tab.)

Movement: -
- Move = Right Mouse Button - Hold and move the mouse to navigate around the land, double right-click to zoom to the hands location
- Zoom In/Out = Mouse Wheel Forwards/Backwards - Roll the mouse wheel forwards to zoom in, and backwards to zoom out.
(Alternatively, 'PG Up'/'PG DN' if no mouse wheel is present.)
- Pitch Camera = Mouse Wheel Pressed - Move the mouse forwards/backwards when the mouse wheel is pressed to make the camera pitch up/down.
(Alternatively, 'Shift'+'Up Arrow'/'Shift'+'Down Arrow').
- Rotate Camera = Mouse Wheel Pressed - Move the mouse left/right when the mouse wheel is pressed to make the camera rotate to the left/right.
(Alternatively, 'Z'/'X').

Action: -
- Action Button = Left Mouse Button - This is Used to pick up objects, drop objects and throw objects.
- Cancel Hand Action = Shake mouse vigorously, or press the 'Backspace' key.

Other: -
- Creature Leash = Use the 'L' key to turn the Creature Leash on/off.
- Creature Cam = Use the 'C' key to focus the camera on the Creature.
- Menu = Use the 'Enter' key to open/close the Menu.
- Menu Short-Cut Keys = 'F1'-'F7' are shortcut keys to different screens in the menu.
- Options Menu = Use the 'Esc' key to open/close the Options Menu.
- Villager Names = Pressing 'N' displays the villagers names.
- Villager Details = Pressing 'S' displays the villagers details.
- Quick Save = 'Ctrl'+'S' create a quick save.
- Quick Load = 'Ctrl '+'L' make a quick load.
- Recast Miracle = 'M' casts the same Miracle as the one previously cast.
- Town Centre Cam = 'Space' focuses the camera on your Town Centre.
- Change Creature Role = 'R' scrolls through the various Creature Roles.
- Screenshot = 'Alt'+'S' takes an in-game Screenshot.
- Destruction Tool = 'D' brings up the tool to destroy buildings.
- Objective Window = 'O' opens/closes the Objectives Window.
- Army Platoons = The '1'-'9' numerical keys switch between your relevantly numbered Army Platoons.

Scrolls: -
In the retail version of 'Black & White 2', there are such things as "Scrolls". Left clicking on these scrolls will activate them. There are three types of scroll:

- Bronze Scroll = Tutorial/Information scrolls.
- Silver Scroll = Activates challenges to gain tribute (not in demo).
- Gold Scroll = Plot/Event scrolls, click on these to progress through the story

Minimum PC Configuration

Processor - Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or equivalent
Memory - 512Mb RAM
HDD Space - 900 Mb free hard disk space
Operating System - Windows 2000/XP
CD/DVD ROM Drive (as appropriate) - Any Speed
Videocard - DirectX 8+ based 64Mb video card which supports pixel shading (see Notes on video card chipsets below)
Soundcard - DirectX 8 compliant sound card
DirectX - DirectX 9c+

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ゲーム名: Black and White 2




ゲームタイトル: Black and White 2

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