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Towns 【シミュレーション】

Towns:PCシミュレーションTowns brings a fresh new take on the citybuilding/management genre by introducing many RPG features.

Drawing inspiration from games such as Diablo, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, the game has you managing a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs?

Both the......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-11-25

Spocean 【シミュレーション】

Spocean:PCシミュレーションSpocean is a team-based, galleon-crewing multiplayer game for PC and Mac.

Features include:

- 18th century style naval warfare from a first person, crew perspective.
- Team-based multiplayer gameplay.
- Seamless combination of fleet tactics with ship management and boarding combat.
- Immersive "woodpunk" setting.

Spocean provides a refreshing new kind of multiplayer gameplay: Tea......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-11-25

Bridge Project 【シミュレーション】

Bridge Project:PCシミュレーションBridge Project is the new bridge building simulation available From Chronic Logic. Are you ready for the next bridge building challenge? Build highly detailed bridges in beautiful landscapes and environments. You are tasked with constructing a huge variety of bridges. Build suspension and draw bridges, bridges made from stone, steel, wood, cable and concrete, bridges for car, trains, tanks and mor......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-11-13

Game Stock Car 2012 【シミュレーション】

Game Stock Car 2012:PCシミュレーションGame Stock Car is the official game of the main brazilian autoracing series – an evolution from the original Game Stock Car, released in 2011. Developed by Reiza Studios with the support of actual teams and drivers, Game Stock Car 2012 accurately simulates the series´ 2012 season, with 32 cars and teams racing around the country in 12 minutely modelled race tracks.

Combining the best in simula......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-11-13

Zigfrak 【シミュレーション】

Zigfrak:PCシミュレーションZigfrak: A game of deep space conflict and discovery...

When the Xenoid threat was discovered, human society was thrust into an era of martial law. Security became top priority, at the cost of individual liberty.

In the face of this growing oppression, many left their homeworlds in search of freedom. The Freerunners fled, to explore and settle the new frontier planets.

When Enforcers f......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-11-13

River Simulator 2012 【シミュレーション】

River Simulator 2012:PCシミュレーションWaiting is over: astragon is proud to announce the sequel to their popular Ship-Simulator. In this simulation you will be able to explore German rivers like the Rhine and Main with several types of ships and experience a clear focus on technical details and realism – the main competences of the developer team weltenbauer.

In this elaborate simulation you get behind the wheel of seven different......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-10-30

Farming Simulator 2013 【シミュレーション】

Farming Simulator 2013:PCシミュレーションWelcome to the largest and most exciting farming simulator ever made! Farming Simulator 2013 is bigger and enriched with outstanding content and many new features, challenging you to take on the role of a modern day farmer.

Animal husbandry, crops, sales… It's up to you to manage and grow your own farm in a huge, totally new world. As you progress in your career and complete different missions......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-10-30

Farming Giant 【シミュレーション】

Farming Giant:PCシミュレーションThe latest instalment of the critically acclaimed 'Giant' series, Farming Giant challenges players to create an international agricultural empire across the rich and fertile lands of Europe, encapsulated in the expansive game world.

Whether crop farming or rearing livestock, Farming Giant features extensive production processes and trade opportunities as well as a multitude of management optio......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-10-30

Euro Truck Simulator 2 【シミュレーション】

Euro Truck Simulator 2:PCシミュレーションTravel across Europe as king of the road, a trucker who delivers important cargo across impressive distances! With dozens of cities to explore from the UK, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and many more, your endurance, skill and speed will all be pushed to their limits. If you’ve got what it takes to be part of an elite trucking force, get behind the wheel and prove it!


更新日: 2012-10-24

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury 【シミュレーション】

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury:PCシミュレーションA-OK! The Wings of Mercury is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. More than a mere game, A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. A-OK! WoM simulates Orbital and Sub-Orbital missions and features:

a detailed, fully-operational cockpit,
realistic sound effects and capsule communicator voice communications,
the abili......詳細は、こちら
更新日: 2012-10-24

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